Martin's Celebrates 90 Years in business on April 1st 2020!

1928 & '29, Allen A Hosiery Co. was the scene of the most violent labor dispute in Kenosha's History. William W. Martin (24) was receiving $17 dollars a week strike pay from the Federation of Full Fashioned Hosiery Workers. October 29, 1929, Black Tuesday, signaled the beginning of what would become known as The Great Depression. With no end in sight for settling the labor dispute Bill needed to find a permanent job for himself and his new bride, Hilda (27).

In early Spring of 1930, two young newlyweds with a baby (Bill Sr.)
on the way decided to move to Union Grove and open an automotive repair shop, Martin's Garage, Inc. In an era of violent strikes, panicked bank runs and unemployment reaching 25% they pushed on. Pumping gas on Sunday and accepting ducks or eggs as payment for repair work Bill and his family kept going, building and growing into what we have today. The Allen A Hosiery property later became part of the American Motors complex that then became the Chrysler Engine Plant until 2010, bringing the story full circle from Allen A. to Chrysler.